A recent study of runic magic suggests that runes were used to create magical objects such as amulets in the past.

Inscriptions were and still are made on wood, bone, stones and sticks.

Runes often contain Rune Letters, and inscriptions like name tags, prayers, personal messages, etc.

The use of runes for divination, is called drawing lots or casting runes, often the terms used today.

Rune Readers

Most Rune Readers today use Stones or Wood to communicate with the Divine.

Rune Readers are people who share their perspective or insights from a Reading of the Runes drawn.

Modern Rune Readers have a strong connection to their Divine universe and use this gift to share insights they found.

Our Rune Readers have a great deal of experience and would be happy to read what the runes have to say to you.

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Authentic Rune Reading, cast by experienced Rune Reader. See what is in store according to the Runes! Seek the Runes to find out about any type of life situation.

No question is turned away, we just ask you to be honest when seeking the Runes.

Rune Readings are cast quickly and all information seen at the time of the casting will be recorded and returned to you via email.

Please keep your question short and honest for the rune castings.

Vague questions gain vague answers, ask what you want, your reader will see what is in the runes for you.

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Sometimes you have more than one question to ask, this is very normal. We understand that you may have more than one thing on your mind. This option is to have an additional question asked during the Original Rune Casting. This is not for 2 Rune castings.

Please have your second question prepared in advance and submit it at the same time as your first.

All rune castings are conducted by a professional Rune Reader. Your information will be sent to you via email after the Runes have been cast and read.

Thank you

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Alright, you obviously need more than one answer and we will extend the original Rune casting to a duration that allows for 3 questions to be answered. The questions must all 3 be sent together as they will be asked at the same time during the original casting.

Please keep all questions brief and clear for best Rune Reading results.

Your Rune Casting and Reading will be conducted by a professional and experienced Rune Castor. The Runes will be read at the same time of casting. Information is gathered and sent back to you asap after the casting is complete.

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Use Contact Form and send your information, thank you.

Please allow 24 - 48 hours after payment has cleared for your Reading.

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So glad I got my Rune Reading. Everything made sense afterward. I feel wonderful, thank you!

My friends and I have all tried a Rune Reading for fun. Was a blast, we all ordered one and shared the results with each other. Super freaky but totally fun! Try it!

Ok, I was depressed but found some comfort in getting a Rune Reading. Don't know why but I decided to give it a go. Best thing I ever did. Thanks so much. I will be coming back here more for insights. makes my life more at ease.

I didn't know people actually got Rune Readings these days. I ordered one and was pleasantly surprised. Fast turn around, got it in my email like they said, and sent hardly any info. Honestly, it was just so interesting that I will be thinking about it for a long time. Thanks, worth the money.

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